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San Francisco Bay looking South from Sausalito.

I-5 Cameras from Medford to Red Bluff.

Hans Kobler Page Picture Collection

Fly over Sausalito April 24th '10

Sail on San Francisco Bay with the Koblers June 16th '09

Day 4 Death Valley to Las Vagas April 26th '09

Day 3 Marble Canyon Death Valley April 25th '09

Day 2 June Lake to Death Valley April 24th '09

Day 1 South Lake to Mono Lake April 23rd '09

Trinity Lake Recored Flight Feb 21st '09

Trinity Lake before the storm Feb 21st '09

After Sunset from Fort Baker looking at GGB Jan 28th '09

Emigrant Lake with snow covered mountains Dec 20th '08

Flying Trinity Lake. . . On the ground Dec 7th '08

Venus and Jupiter in a three-way conjunction with the crescent Moon Dec 1st '08

Anderson Valley flying video stills Nov 29th '08

Anderson Valley Putting the sheep out. Nov 27th '08

Anderson Valley Harvest Festival Oct 17th '08

As Many Ferries as Possible, Canada Motorcycle trip August 31st '08

Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria August 31st '08

Lunch around the Pond at Marc and Janet's August 3rd '08

Trinity Lake July 17th '08

Around the Pond at Marc and Janets July 4th '08

Colleen's 40th Birthday May 25th '08

Sharon's Andreson Valley May 24th '08

Dinner May 18th '08

Lunch at Mackerricher State Park May 17th '08

Sail to Sausalito, Sharon's pictures May 16th '08

Sail to Sausalito May 16th '08

Fly Trinity March 16th '08

Pete's Trinity Alps Pack Trip September 9th '07

Don and Steven leave adventure, visit Mirafloris Locks and Depart Colon April 30th '07

Depart Isla Linton arrive Colon April 29th '07

Depart Cocos for Isla Linton April 28th '07

The "Vacation" Day on a Coco's island! April 27th '07

Mulatupa and back to Corizon April 26th '07

Calidoina Bay and back to Mulatupa April 25th '07

David and John from Panama thru Mulatupu airstrip to Calidoina Bay April 24th '07

Mulatupu to Calidoina Bay April 24th '07

Peter returns from Houston with equipment April 23rd '07

David and John in Panama and canal April 23rd '07

John in Panama City April 22nd '07

Peter in Houston getting equipment April 21st '07

Mulatupu, inspect the water system April 21st '07

Corizon - Snug Harbour - Mulatupa. Chiefs on board Calidonia II April 20th '07

Peter flies to Houston, Calidonia II back to Corizon April 19th '07

Peter return from Panama City, day in Porvenir April 18th '07

Changing the Propeller and Back to Porvenir April 17th '07

Peter to Panama City and Claidonia II to Corizon April 16th '07

Back to El Porvenir April 15th '07

Land fall at El Porvenir and night in the cays April 14th '07

Fifth day at sea April 13th '07

Fourth day at sea April 12th '07

Third day at sea April 11th '07

First day at sea April 9th '07

Departure and first meal at sea, Tortola BVI April 8th '07

Provisioning the Caledonia II, Penne's Landing, Tortola BVI April 7th '07

Installing the Radar, Penne's Landing, Tortola BVI April 6th '07

Penne's Landing, Tortola BVI April 5th '07

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda BVI April 4th '07

Hauling Calidonia II, Virgin Gorda BVI April 2nd '07

IS Game Night Pictures December 15th '06

Johann Kobler's 80th birthday October 22nd-23th '06

Merlot '06 Picking and Pressing October 16th '06

Pinot '06 Pressing October 8th '06

Sauvignon Blanc '06 Press October 9th '06

Sauvignon Blanc '06 Crush October 7th '06

Sauvignon Blanc '06 Picking October 9th '06

Fire starts again September 9th '06

The Party Next Door September 7th '06

Kim and Stephen's Wedding September 2nd '06

In the WILD August 30th '06

Crater Lake for lunch August 13th '06

Walk and Dogs July 8th '06

Rosemary's Bike July 7th '06

Washington Trip June 30th '06

Summer House Garden June 26th '06

Saturday Sail June 4th '06

Phone Pics May 1st '06

East Bay Wine trip April 29th '06

Howard Prairie Lake April 1st '06

Blossoms in a wind storm March 27th '06

Spring Snow March 10th '06

Wedding Preperations March 2nd '06

Flight from Medford Feb 13th '06

Sunset and Wall paper removal Feb 3rd '06

Christmas and New Years Dec 31st '05

560 N Keene Way Drive Dec 9th '05

International Alsace Varietal Festival Nov 5th '05

Downievile trip with the Dixon Family Oct 13th '05

Jacksonville trip Oct 7th '05

Queen Ann House

Sail on the Bay Sept 28th '05

Ride up Mount Diablo Sept 24th '05

Views of Sausalito Sept 22nd '05

Ditch Dig Sept 9th '05

Motorcycle Ride on Hwy 4, 89 & 49 Aug 31st '05

Sun through the trees and fog on morning ride Aug 12th '05

Pete's Trip to see Jim and Keiko in Japan Aug 3rd '05

Pete's Trinity Alps Hike July 23rd '05

Trinity Trip July 22nd '05

Oyster Trip July 17th '05

Crater Lake June 27th '05

Roger Cook Jan 22nd '05

Chuck Riley Jan 19th '05

Christmas Dec 24th '04

Hans, Lola and Wine Nov 20th '04

Gold Hill, Visit to Marc's with Chuck Oct 24th '04

Wine Makeing Sep 20th '04

Visit to Hans and Theresia's Aug 27th '04

Windsurfing short of wind Aug 9th '04

Chuck's Trinity July 24th '04

Trinity Trip July 24th '04

Picnic with Hans and Theresia and Andrea. Sail and Anniversy July 12th '04

Picnic with John, Rosemary, Chuck and Andrea May 31st '04

Trip up the coast SB to SF Pictures of Morro Bay April 20th '04

Comixs April 17th '04

So Cal Trip to see Chuck April 7th '04

Sailling and Yosemite Mar 20th '04

Jenner Philo, Redding and Trinity ' Mar 10th '04

Last SYC Mid winter, Cocktails on the Bay ' Mar 7th '04

Tomales Ride ' Mar 2nd '04

Sailing with Hans and Theresia Feb 29th '04

Cleaning Crab Feb 24th '04

Road trip to the Central Coast wine region Feb 14th '04

Sam's Castle. . . . . Dec 13th '03

Rejected Christmas Cards. . . . . Dec 13th '03

Casa de Kobler Pinot 02 Nov 21st '03

Flight from Denver Nov 14th '03

Denver Nov 11th '03

Lola and Elyse Birthdays Nov 8th '03

Lola's Oct 31st'03

Kathy's House Party Oct 26th '03

Auga Verde and Isla Danzante, Baja Jan '02

Hans and Theresia's Alaskian trip Aug '03

Dinner at Lola's Aug 20th '03

Bear Valley, Bodie and Mono Lake with John and Rosemary Aug 8th '03

Motorcycle ride to Bolinas Mesa July 19th '03

Bottling Chardonnay July 12th '03

Hans and Theresia's Anniversary July 11th '03

Bay Sail July 5th '03

Fourth of July Fireworks July 4th '03

Castiglione della Pescaia June 27nd '03

Siena June 25nd '03 Andrea's ring

London June 24nd '03

Elenora & Claudio Wedding June 22nd '03

Gewurtztraminer Bottling May 21th '03

Moon Eclipes May 15th '03

Italy Trip March 26th '03 Andrea

Baja 1000 Motorcycle Trip Nov 19th '02

Sunset Oct 29th '02

Delta Weekend Oct 19th '02 Story

Blue Angles Oct 13th '02

Jumpin' Fissers Sept 29th '02

Bubba Ulrich

Anderson Valley with Hans, Teresa and the Daileys June 28th

Visit to John and Rosemary's House June 16th '02

Tomales Bay Sail June 14th '02

Sail and dinner with Hans and Teresa on board Stella Mare. June 13th '02

Partial Eclipes Full Story June 10th '02

Lunch with Ralf Myers  June 6th '02

Death Valley Motorcycle Ride Pictures May 10th '02

Baja Sail  Oct '01 through April '02

La Paz Sail  Dec '99

Flat Stanley to Baja Nov 19th '02

Russian Gulch Feb 8th '03

Mt Tam Hike Jan 18th '03

Xmas Party LA Trip Dec 12th '02

Sail to Mexico with Lynne Nov '96 - Feb '97

Growing up in Yelapa 1968

Hillary Collection early 2000