Hug live trees? Are you sure?

Quick!Before someone sees us!

Hmm. .

See, Kath only drinks water.

On the deck at Pepperwod

I turn the wheel and the car goes this way?

It is a dogs life.

Kath starting her day.

Back seat of Rosemary's car.

More wine!

Joe, Kath and Jack

Dinner on Hans & Teresa's deck.

The inside party.

And from above.

Very serious this wine drinking.

Back at the camp site.

You are here.

More wine!

To the next winery.

Stephen story.

A little sparkling wine can do wonders!

After dinner drinks. . .

and talk . . . .

and more drinks.

I will sit here. . . .

and here. . .

and here!



Returning to Hans and Teresa's.

The walk to Roederer.

More Hans & Teresa hospitality.

The deck at Pepperwood.


Rosemary at Pepperwood.

Vines in a glass.

Shannon at Hans & Teresa's

Rosemary and Kathleen.

Inside at Pepperwood.

Shannon and Kath on deck at Roederer.

Hans witting to Marta.

Back to the camp site.


Looking at the days pictures.


Kath and her boys.

John and Stephen.

Picture watching

Picture watching

Picture watching


Look over there!

Down here?


Tasting at Roederer.

Sure, there is more room!

Kath, "I will have just this one"

Walking to Roederer.

Wine on the deck at Pepperwood.

Shannon tasting at Pepperwood.

Rosemary and white fang.

Shannon and John tasting at Pepperwood.

Hans at the front door.

Through the gate to Roederer.

Can't walk, have to ride back.

Tasting room at Roederer.

Captain Rosemary at the wheel.

Drinking wine at Hans and Teresa's.

Ro gives directions to a bunch of wineos.

Tasting at Pepperwood.

Tasting at Pepperwood.

Kathleen and Shannon.